Thursday, May 05, 2005

मराठी पाउल पडते पुढे ...

With positively interested members of Marathiopensource yahoogroup coming forward to take up marathi localization, which is lagging behind many other language teams in terms of translations, the marathi localization should really get a boost. Tempo is slowly but steadily building up as many people have come forward as volunteers for translating po files. People are also asking for development tasks. The center of activity is the yahoogroup and marathi l10n page on aantarabhaaratii. As much as 10 files have been assigned to volunteers for translation. People are getting familiar with tools and some have already started translating!
Being a "Marathi Manoos" myself, the fact that marathi is way behind as far as po file translation is concerned, was itching me since long time. I used to feel guilty in front of other language team members. Now I am coordinating the effort and its a great feeling. I know that it may be too early to judge whether this enthusia of people will stay or not, but still one can't stop thinking what will be coming out of the effort if it works out. Credit should be given to people like Vijay Barve and others in marathiopensource group, whose efforts have made it possible.There are also people like Mrs. Godse, who contributed time and efforts for the cause, when there weren't many (in fact none) to support the localization activity for marathi. She will now be acting as reviewer for the forst round of translations.
While we are running behind others, it is also advantageous for us as we have in front of us numerous experiences of many language teams which should help us in avoiding the mistakes which they may have made in past.
All in all the things are moving in positive direction and very soon we should start getting results on Marathi localization front.

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